Lots of popcorn calories today

I ate a lot of popcorn, quite late at night yesterday. Luckily, I'd been very disciplined over the course of the day, and although I missed my target calories for today's dieting, it wasn't so bad.

Here are the numbers.

Toast 130 - 130
Mozzarella - 150 - 280
Egg, and orange juice - 120 - 400
Toast - 130 - 530
Bag of chips (crisps) - 155 - 685
Biscuit and coffee - 130 - 815
Baked beans and potatoes - 336 - 1121
Toast - 130 - 1251
More toast - 80 - 1331
A bit more toast - 200 - 1531
Small bowl popcorn - 100 1631
More popcorn - 200 - 1831

Total calories for the day - 1831

If I had managed to stop eating with the small bowl of popcorn I would have been able to get closer to my diet's daily target calories of 1600. I have developed quite a lot of control of my lizard brain during the time I have been dieting, but it is still capable of grabbing the controls and making me finish off a bag of popcorn from time to time.

Oh, well, I still lose weight at 1,800. It is only when I climb up to 2,000 calories for the day, or even North of there, that I start to maintain weight, or even, heavens forbid, gain.

So, all in all, even though there was a little slip in will power, it wasn't such a bad day for the diet.


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