Too Many Calories in a Chocolate Muffin

This blog is my online calorie counting diary. I've been calorie counting for a couple of years now, and if it's done right it gets results. One of the most important things to do is to write everything down. If you write down all the calories you are scarfing down during your diet it's much harder to mess up the count and conveniently forget the odd chocolate bar here and there.

I started successfully dieting thanks to the Hackers Diet.

Anyway here's yesterday's count.

Croissant 210 - 210
Chocolate muffin - 500 (estimated, taking into account chocolate filling) - 710
Spritz - 110 - 820
Crisps -250 - 1,070
Toast and mozzarella - 300 - 1,370
Yoghurt - 110 - 1,480
Biscuit - 36 - 1,516
Soup - 200 - 1,716
Bread - 100 - 1,850

Total 1,850

I prefer to be down at 1,600, because that really brings results. I still lose weight up at 1,850 calories, but much more slowly. Obviously it was the chocolate muffin that messed things up for me.

I had planned to have something with a lower calorie impact when I wandered into the cafe, but all they had left was the muffin. I'm counting it as circumstances beyond my control.

I'm at a nice comfortable weight of 73 kilos right now, muchj lower than the 93 I was at when I was my heaviest. I'm heading in the right direction too, and have been for a few months.

I'll hit that target weight of 65 kilos, I just know it.


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