Strawberries provide a few calories and lead to a good dieting day

I got quite a low calorie count yesterday, and when I weighed myself this morning I was pleased with the results. And it's all thanks to some strawberries as a low-calorie treat.

Here are the numbers.

Croissant and mozzarella - 350 - 350
Crisps - 210 - 560
Bread 300 - 860
Rice 375 - 1335
Salad 50 - 1385
Bounty 110 - 1495
Biscuit 36 - 1531
Strawberries and chocolate 200 - 1731

When I weighed myself this morning I was 72 kg, which is the lowest I have been for well over a year. I'm quite pleased, especially because I ate fewer calories than yesterday.

I also read an interesting article about sugar, and how it should be avoided at all costs. Well, duh!


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