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Diet - day 26

Day 26 of my diet was 28 April, 2020. My weight today was still 83 kilos, but that's not surprising. I wouldn't expect it to go down yet, after all the crap I ate the day before yesterday. After the weigh-in it was on into another day, with a calorie budget of 1,600 and my usual good intentions. Like yesterday, and most everyday recently, breakfast was thin sandwich bread and cheese. I had two slices with coffee, so that was 260 calories. I also had a white chocolate chip and cranberry cookie, bringing my running total to 360 calories. Later came more toast and cheese, for 200 calories, taking the running total to 560. Then I had a white chocolate and cranberry cookie for 100 calories, bringing the running total to 660. Then more toast, cookies, and coffee, for a total of 480 calories, bringing the running total to 1140 calories. That only left 460 calories for the rest of the day so the main meal was cancelled. That's just the sort of thing you have to do if you l

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