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Diet Day 012

Yes, yes, yes, I weighed myself in the morning and I was 84 kilos in weight. After what felt like an eternuty on the plateau of 85 kilos it is nice to have my dieting efforts validated and see some actual, honest-to-god weight loss going on.

Just the night before, those dangerous, "why should I even bother denying myself nice things to eat if I'm just going to stay heavier than I want anyway," kind of thoughts were creeping into the back of my mind, but they have been well and truly banished now.

Okay, enough celebrating and it is down to business with the day's dieting. As always, my budget for the day was 1,600 calories, which I know from long experience is a number low enough to bring results for me.

I was already feeling medium intensity hunger pangs before I even got up, so I decided that today was not going to be one of those days where I skipped breakfast. Instead, I had two tiny Italian-style slices of toast, which are much smaller than the ones I grew up…

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