Diet - day 22

Day 22 of my diet was 24 April 2020. My weight today was still 83 kilos, and it was still nice to see my new lowest weight 'holding'. After the weigh-in it was on into another day, with a calorie budget of 1,600, and my usual good intentions.

Like yesterday, breakfast was individually wrapped thin sandwich bread but this time with spreadable cheese. I had two slices with coffee, so that was 260 calories. I also had a chocolate chip cookie, bringing my running total to 360 calories.

I had a second breakfast mid afternoon, toast again, and a biscuit but no coffee for 320 calories. That brought my running total to 680 calories.

I had almost exactly the same thing, but no biscuit for a late lunch, 300 calories in all, bringing my running total to 980, which left only 620 calories for a main meal and later snacks. But I was confident I could pull that off.

Time for the main meal, which consisted of peas, 50 calories, spaghetti 400 calories, and feta cheese, at 150 calories, (600 in total) bringing my running total to 1580, which mean that at 7:00 pm I only had twenty calories left for the evening.

That is a long time to bedtime to go without eating, but my resolve remained strong. I cut a small coffee flavor biscuit in half, for my final twenty calories, and didn't put anything else in my mouth. It was a mental battle, to be sure, but I had all the tools I needed to win it.

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