Diet Day 010

 Diet Day 10 - Sat 11 Jan 2020

Egad, my weight is still seemingly locked at 85 kilos. It's galling to be hitting my calorie target (1,600 calories) every damn day, or even beating it some days, and see absolutely no result. Interestingly, I had to get up early today, after only four hours sleep, and I weighed myself, purely out of interest. I weighed in at 86 kilos, a whole kilo more than usual. Then I went back to bed, slept another four hours and weighed myself again, at the usual point in my daily routine, just after when I usually get up. That's where the weight of 85 kilos comes from. It's annoying to be on a plateau but nowhere near as annoying as if I had believed the weight of 86 and thought I had gone up in weight. That's why it's really important to always weigh yourself at the same point in your routine, every day.

Breakfast was toast (120 calories), hummus (40 calories), and milky coffee (60 calories), a total of 220 calories for breakfast, leaving 1,380 calories in my budget for the day.

Hunger pangs hit hard mid way through my mini-fast between breakfast and eating in the evening so I had a banana (100 calories). That still left 1,280 for the evening, so not too bad a hit, and it has vitamins and potassium and stuff in it, so that has to be good. That's not the focus though, this diet is about weight loss, not health – though losing weight is healthy of course.

Vegetable soup was the evening meal at 300 calories. It came with a bottle of beer (150 calories), two slices of bread (120 calories). Total 560 calories Leaving 720 calories, and that is great. I love soup. Oops, I almost forgot, there was 50 calories of cheese on top, because I'm an undisciplined dieter and a bad vegan to boot. So I actually had 660 calories left, but that's still good.

I had a choc chip cookie for desert, from that same pack that has lasted three days now. (A packet of biscuits that lasts more than hours is a very new experience. It only happens when I'm on the count, when I'm dieting), which leaves 560 calories.

I spent 500 on crisps (chips in US English), lots of lovely crisps. That still left 60 calories unused, but after so many crisps I felt too guilty to spend them. So I came in today under my budget. Sixty whole calories below my maximum. I felt pretty good about that, and I was looking forward, finally, to my weight edging down tomorrow.

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