Diet - day 25

Day 25 of my diet was 27 April 2020. My weight today was still 83 kilos, which was amazing after all the crap I ate yesterday. I thought I would be heavier just from all the stuff in my belly. After the weigh-in it was on into another day, with a calorie budget of 1,600, and my usual good intentions, in fact a redoubled determination to stick to my count.

Like yesterday, breakfast was thin sandwich bread and cheese. I had two slices with coffee, so that was 200 calories. I also had a chocolate chip cookie, bringing my running total to 300 calories.

Then I had zwieback (30 calories per slice) and feta cheese, along with a cup of coffee, calories in total 160, bringing the running total to 460.

Then I had more thin toast and cheese, followed by two, count 'em, two delicious biscuits. That was 400 calories all in all, bringing the running total to 860 calories.

My main meal was toast and mozzarella with button tomatoes, which calculates out to be 230 for the toast, 250 for the mozzarella, and 12 calories for the cherry tomatoes. That's 492 in total, let's call it 500 for the sake of simple math. That brought the running total to 1,360 calories.

Then desert was a cranberry and white chocolate cookie, for 100 calories, bringing the running total to 1460 calories.

Then I had a tiny but delicious cappuccino flavor biscuit, at 45 calories, taking my running total to 1505.

Then I had some more toast and a biscuit, and my calories for the day were gone. All I had to do then was keep my mouth shut and not cram any food into it for the rest of the night.

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