Diet - day 17

Day 17 of my diet was 19 April 2020, and I was gratified to find my weight was still at 84 kilos this morning, so it was on with another day, with a calorie budget of 1,600, and my usual good intentions.

Like yesterday, breakfast was individually wrapped thin Italian sandwich bread, for 115 calories, spread with two individually wrapped cheese triangles for 82 calories. I rounded that all up to 200 calories. It's an unhealthy, processed breakfast, to be sue, but I love the fact that I know the exact calories in these factory foods. It would be a lot harder to count calories if I was scooping out some home-made organic strawberry jelly out of a jar onto slabs of artisanal bread from a giant wholemeal loaf.

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I then had a second breakfast that was exactly the same as the first, except this time with a mug of milky coffee for 60 calories. That brought my running total to 460 calories, which is a quarter of what I have available for the entire day, and so it was officially time to 'cool it'.

To help me get to my main meal without eating anything else, I put together some lemonade, made with half a lemon, which is a surprisingly high 12 calories. That brought my running total to 472. That's right I used only half a lemon and some fizzy water, in other words I had it unsweetened. My face puckered up like a bulldog chewing a wasp but it kept the calories down. I guess, for those of a more delicate disposition, you could put some low calorie sweetener in the lemonade, just don't pour in sugar, that's where the calories are. Anyway, after my bitter drink I still had over 1000 calories available.

With so many calories I made myself a home-made pizza, where I used a lot less oil and cheese than was stated in the recipe. I had half of it, and it tasted great, for 600 calories. I washed that down with a tiny bottle of beer for 150 calories. It's great that you can work pizza and beer into a diet, as long as you keep the portions down and carefully watch the calories. It gives you something to look forward to in your main meal, which helps keep breakfast and lunch under control.

That brought my running total to 1122 calories, so even after pizza I still had calories to burn. I had coffee and toast with cheese for 260 calories, leaving 218 in my budget. Two biscuits later (200 calories) that was 18 calories left, and I was done for the day. It was a weird feeling of relief knowing I didn't have to think about eating or calories for the three or four hours remaining before bed time.

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