Diet - day 24

Day 24 of my diet was 26 April 2020. And it was a bad, bad day. My weight today was still 83 kilos, which wasn't yet a plateau but I was ready to see some movement, maybe tomorrow, I thought. After the weigh-in it was on into another day, with a calorie budget of 1,600, and my usual good intentions.

Like yesterday, breakfast was individually wrapped thin sandwich bread and cheese. I had two slices with coffee, so that was  200 calories. I also had a chocolate chip cookie, bringing my running total to 300 calories.

I had a second, additional breakfast a couple of hours later, which was the bread and cheese again, but this time with no coffee or biscuit, for 200 calories. this brought my running total to 500 calories.

Then thin bread sticks, coffee and a chocolate chip biscuit for 240 calories. Bringing the running total to 740 calories.

It was then that things went spectacularly off the rails. I ate half a pizza with french fries sprinkled on top (it's a thing, it's called a pizza patatosa), and a bowl of crisps, and a handful of cookies, and some squares of chocolate and an ice cone, and more bread sticks. It was horrendous, horrible (but very enjoyable). I must have eaten like 5000 calories for the day. Oh dear, well, these things happen. I will just have to get back on the count tomorrow.

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