Diet - day 19

Day 19 of my diet was 21 April, 2020. I weighed myself at the usual time today, unlike yesterday when I had to get up early, and my weight was right back at at 84 kilos which just shows the importance of weighing yourself every day, at the same time and in the same clothes. Weight fluctuates enough all on its on without us adding additional noise into the system. Then, after weighing myself, it was into another day, with a calorie budget of 1,600, and my usual good intentions.

Like yesterday, breakfast was individually wrapped thin sandwich bread with spreadable cheese, at 200 calories worth, and coffee for 60 calories. That's 260 in total, and I immediately brushed my teeth afterwards to give breakfast some 'closure' and stop myself eating anything else. I didn't do that yesterday and spent all morning snacking, then had to skip my day's main meal.

After two hours of work I had a biscuit, a delicious white chocolate and cranberry cookie, taking my running total to 360 calories. I am going to have to watch that snacking, it very much almost derailed me yesterday.

Then I went to the shop and discovered a new type of biscuit, a Loacker cappuccino wafer, reviewed here on Eatexploreetc say that these Loacker are MUCH smaller than anticipated but they’re packaged rather nicely. They’re lightly, airly crisp with substantial layers of cappuccino flavored cream. It’s thick with a mouth coatingly thick rich cream flavor and texture to it, with a gentle coffee undertone. These are actually really, really nice. Though mild on the coffee the “full fat cream” experience and texture here is great – rich but light. They are only 45 calories each, so I had two, for 90 calories, bringing my running total to 450.That is not an affiliate link by the ay, I just really enjoyed them.

Then I had another two thirds of one of these tiny, delicious wafer biscuits, for 30 calories. That brought the running total to 480 calories. I immediately made  solemn vow of no more snacking until after my main meal, and managed to stick to it.

Then main meal was 450 calories of potatoes, a tablespoon oil at 115 calories, chopped vegetables at 45 calories, a relatively tiny bottle of beer, at 147 calories. Adding all that up makes 735 calories, all together, bringing my running total to 1215 calories, and leaving 385 calories to get me through the evening.

For desert I had one cookie for 100 calories, bringing my running total to 1315. Then another cappuccino wafer, for 45 calories, taking my running total to 1355

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Another two more biscuits for 200 calories brought me to 1555 and that was it for the day, because (with the Loaker all eaten, you snooze you lose) I couldn't think of anything I could eat for the just 45 calories I had left in my budget. It was a day of snacking again, but I hit my calorie budget, and that is the ONLY important thing.


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