Diet - day 20

Day 20 of my diet was 22 April, 2020.

My weight today was 83 kilos, which is a loss of 0.5 kilos (or about a pound), and it is nice to see a little progress after days of dieting. It gives you faith that the whole process works. After the weigh-in it was on into another day, with a calorie budget of 1,600, and my usual good intentions.

Like yesterday, breakfast was individually wrapped thin sandwich bread with spreadable cheese at 200 calories for two, and coffee for 60 calories. I also had a white chocolate chip and cranberry biscuit as a kind of 'breakfast desert', if that's a thing, for another 100 calories. So breakfast cost me 360 calories from my budget, all in all.

Then I had a second breakfast, a couple of hours later, which was more toast cheese and coffee, bringing my running total to a whopping 620 calories, by three in the afternoon. That was high but still wasn't enough to endanger me being able to squeeze in a main meal, thankfully.

A couple of hours later I had a biscuit, for 100 calories, taking my running total to 720. Then, a half an hour later, I snacked my way through two more biscuits to bring my running total to a dangerously high 920. Ouch.

Okay, that meant my main meal would have to be finely calculated. I was having gnocchi, which have a lot of calories in them, so I would have to work hard. I took a 500g pack, which had 820 calories inside. Obviously I couldn't eat the whole thing. Physically I could, easily, but I didn't have the budget. So I counted out the contents, which was 70 individual gnocchi. I did some math and worked out that each had 12 calories in it. I therefore allowed myself 20 of them in my main meal for 240 calories, along with a tablespoon of oil for 115 caloris, and a zuchini for 33 calories. That made a total of 385 caories for my main meal, bringing my running total to a respectable 1305 caloris, leaving me 295 to play with before bedtime.

It was a tight squeak but I think I rescued my situation nicely, despite all the snacking. Oh. except I also had a beer with my main meal, for 147 calories, taking the running total to 1480 calories, leaving me just 120 calories till bedtime. Oh dear.

I managed to last until 10:30 before I had another biscuit, for 100 calories, taking my budget down to 20 calories. And that was that, off to bed after beating my calorie budget yet again. I'm sure a nutritionist would be horrified at what I ate, but that's not the point. The entire and only goal is to beat that calorie budget every dang day, and bring my weight down.

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