Diet - day 18

Day 18 of my diet was 20 April 2020.

My weight was a little higher today, at 84.5 kilos but I was not disappointed or afraid because I knew that this probably because I was forced to weigh myself earlier in the day than usual. With less time sleeping my body had less time to burn off weight during the night. and so I shall ignore that small jump in weight and go into another day, with a calorie budget of 1,600, and my usual good intentions.

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Like yesterday, breakfast was individually wrapped thin Italian sandwich bread with spreadable cheese, but I ate an awful lot more of it, altogether I ate 600 calories worth. Then I had a coffee and two biscuits, for 260 calories. That is a total of 860 calories. Yeah... unfortunately I ate over half my budget for the day in one long, delicious, extended breakfast. I can't really explain why it happened. Undoubtedly it was a mistake, but not a fatal one because I still had calories left for the day.

I didn't regret it, or at least I tried not to beat myself up over it, but it meant I would have to be super careful in calorie counting for the rest of the day.

I didn't eat anything else until almost 8pm, and then just more toast and cheese, for another 200 calories. That left 540 calories to see me to bedtime. I knew basically had to skip the day's main meal just to have a chance of squeaking by with the calorie total, but I figured I could make it.

I also had a biscuit, for 100 calories, leaving 440 for the rest of the day. Then I had a slice of home-made lemon drizzle cake, for 326 calories. After one more biscuit I was out of calories and it was time to stop eating. It wasn't pretty but I had made it under my calorie budget.

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