Diet - day 15

Day 15 of my diet was 17 April 2020, and I was surprised to find my weight had dropped to 84 kilos this morning. That's a whole kilo gone in one night. That means after a couple of months not dieting I am back to where I was in a matter of just a couple of days. I sure wasn't watching what I ate during the time I wasn't dieting, so my only guess about why is because I have been stuck in the house, for health reasons, and then because of the Coronavirus. I haven't been able to go to cafes or buy snacks as I go about my day, and that has obviously made a big difference. I have been able to maintain my weight. Of course I want to do more that that, though, I want to lose weight.

So another day started with a calorie budget of 1,600, and my usual good intentions. Like yesterday, breakfast was two slices of thin Italian sandwich bread, for 115 calories. I spread two cheese triangles on this for 82 calories. I rounded that up to 200 calories. I also washed it down with a half a mug of coffee, for 30 calories. That makes 230 calories in total for breakfast.

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I continued breakfast a couple of hours later when I had exactly the same thing again, except I substituted diet coke for coffee. This took my running total to 430 calories. That was a quarter the way through my budget already, just for breakfast, but I made a mental note to have a smaller than usual main meal to balance things out. And I meant it.

Then I sat down with a friend who was eating, so I felt I needed a little something to eat in front of me, just to keep them company. That's the sort of trick your mind will play on you, and I fell for it. I only had two and a half delicious white chocolate and cranberry cookies at 100 calories each, however, and not anything more substantial. Still this brought my running total to a truly terrifying 680 calories. That was way too high for so early in the day, still around brunch time, so I knew I was going to have to 'cool it'.

I managed to wait several hours before having some soup that I made myself. It was carrot soup, so that's 65 calories for the carrots. A half tablespoon of oil, which is 60 calories. There was also 100 grams of pasta in it, which is 360 calories. I ate a slice of soda bread with it (a small one) so I think it had 60 calories in it. That's 545 calories in toto, which is very respectably low for a main meal. Soup is so good as a light meal, as long as you resist the temptation to add extras like cheese, croutons, dipping bread and the like. My running total came to 1225 after that.

For desert I had one of the cookies I have been working my way through for the last two days, for 100 calories. It is amazing to me to have a pack of cookies in the house and not eat them all in just an hour or two. That's the power of a calorie controlled diet. My budget was left at 1325 calories, which meant I still had 275 calories left over for some kind of snack later.

Those calories started weighing on my mind, along with the knowledge that I still had two biscuits in the kitchen. It didn't take long before I had eaten one of them. That was 100 calories, bringing my budget to 1425 calories, leaving only 175 calories.

It should come as no surprise to find out that I then went ahead and ate the last biscuit, bringing my calories to 1525, which means, unless I could think of something with only 75 calories in it, I was done for the day.

Then I thought of something, I could eat a cheese triangle, with no bread underneath it. At 41 calories, that brought me to 1566, which is still under budget. Yay! To end, just a reminder that the best way to support this blog is to buy one of my books. Simply go over to Amazon, or Kobo and get one.


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